27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021

27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021


Clare Barnett, Edward May, & David Bradbury

Our legacy to our future leaders - developing tomorrow's leaders today with Clare Barnett, Edward May & David Bradbury

Theme: Skills/tools/techniques - introduction

Area: Coaching & Mentoring

Style: Mainly Discussion

Type: Workshop

Session on 14 May 2021 10:15 UTC - View on timetable


Our children are our future leaders and developing tomorrow’s leaders today is crucial to giving them the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to embed their personal resilience, take ownership of their development as well as mindset, and grow into resilient and effective leaders. There are key habits and behaviours that can be learnt at a young age, which will enable this to happen. How do we drive education to ensure such crucial personal and professional KSAs are developed in all types of schools? Coaching and mentoring are part of these KSAs, as well as mediums through which personal resilience is developed. Working with school leaders to bring these subjects into the curriculum in a practical manner is a key responsibility of the Coaching and Mentoring professionals. How do we ensure we use our KSAs to enable our children to be strong resilient individuals. Never again should the profession be challenged ‘Where were the coaches when……’. We can get ahead of this game – do you want to be part of that?


Clare Barnett is an experienced coach, mentor and supervisor who also trains students to become qualified coaches and mentors.  Clare has been working across Education, the UK National Health Service (NHS) and businesses at all levels for over ten years now.  Her work includes Executive and Team coaching as well as supporting organisations to implement a coaching culture. Clare also works in the Leadership arena and is passionate about developing tomorrow’s leaders today.  Clare is an EMCC accredited coach (EIA) at Master Practitioner level and also co-leads the West Midlands EMCC group.  Clare is currently undertaking a doctorate, focusing upon how coaching can help build resilience for our young people, and enable them to become resilient effective leaders.

Edward May is Executive Director of the Community Academies Trust.  He is a leader with significant experience in school improvement having held numerous senior posts across both the primary and secondary sectors and has led a number of schools as Headteacher and Executive Headteacher. Edward’s most recent school achieved an ‘outstanding’ OFSTED judgement, the first in the school’s history. Believing that best practice should be shared widely to the benefit of all, he also formed a National Teaching School and was designated a National Leader of Education (NLE).  Edward and colleague formed the Community Academies Trust in 2012 , believing passionately in the importance of high quality collaborative primary and secondary partnerships and in every child’s right to attend outstanding local schools within their community, where excellence is the norm.Edward has been a regular contributor to educational journals and publications over a number of years, and has achieved The Times Educational Supplement – School Book of the Year award as a contributing author . He has served as a member of the Teacher Advisory Group for HRH ‘Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts’ and was jointly responsible for the nationally acclaimed Face Britain initiative which was created in the run up to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics and Paralympic Games as a way of celebrating the artwork of Britain’s children.