27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021

27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021


Dorota Raniszewska & Bara Belova

Photography in coaching - making the future visible with Dorota Raniszewska & Bara Belova

Theme: Skills/tools/techniques - practice

Area: Coaching

Style: Mainly Lecture

Type: Workshop

Session on 12 May 2021 12:45 UTC - View on timetable


I invite you to discover the power of photography in coaching. There is something very unique about photography in our lives nowadays. We all take photos and communicate through them every day. Every important moment or relationship or reflection is in a photo. Our biographies are illustrated in our personal snapshots and family albums. We can use these photos in coaching in order to help our clients to increase their self-awareness about their resources such as character strengths, values, dreams, relationship, or to discover the abundance in life that they can use. One important photo can become a bridge between a valuable experience from the past and a present transformation to build a better future. Photography can also complement coaching as a technique used between sessions to support self-reflection, new habits, and motivation.
This session will start with a 15 minute introduction to photography in coaching. Then, I will demonstrate how to lead a session with the client’s personal photos together with their co-presenter in the role of the coachee. In the end, we will share our observations and important aspects of using photography in coaching.


Dorota Raniszewska is fascinated by photography as a means to experience and express ourselves as well as to connect. She believes that as long as photography accompanies people in everyday life, it makes sense to use it in coaching processes. Because there are our moments of reflection, sensitivity, and important information in the photos. She has been developing her practice of photography in coaching since 2007 and her experience includes individual coaching, team facilitation, personal growth programmes for women, and teacher education. You can learn about photography in coaching from her book ‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey’. Dorita also created AHA™ – photos that inspire – a tool that combines her original photos and coaching questions to the photos. Dorota is an EMCC individually accredited coach (EIA) at Senior Practitioner level.

Bara Belova is a certified coach, mentor, facilitator and people manager. She works for a multi-national company, creating and delivering skills development programs for leaders, using coaching and mentoring as a primary method for personal development.  While still being task oriented and rational, she loves to be creative which led her to explore different coaching tools, methods and photography. Using pictures in coaching and development is one of her passions.

Bara loves to combine pictures with stories, as she herself is a hobby photographer and writer. Besides that, Bara also teaches yoga and yoga nidra – guided meditation practice. She is a proud member of EMCC and is currently in the process of applying for EMCC individual accreditation at Senior Practitioner level.