27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021

27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021


Helen Morris, Dominic Curran, & Louise Gohr

The power of coaching during challenging times with Helen Morris, Dominic Curran, & Louise Gohr

Theme: Case study with client

Area: Coaching

Style: Mainly Lecture

Type: Workshop

Session on 13 May 2021 10:30 UTC - View on timetable


The story begins with two head teachers who connected through the power of coaching and spotted an opportunity to lead their schools using a life-changing approach. In this session will learn how they spread a low cost, high impact coaching culture across their town and how this is now spreading across the North of England. Investment in staff and pupils has had a positive impact on well-being, as well as helping to discover future leaders in education. This approach is impacting communities and helping to change lives to create brighter futures.


Helen Morris has been in the education profession for 30 years and was principal in a successful primary academy in Cheshire East in the UK for the last seven years. Coaching has had a powerful impact on Helen’s personal and professional life. She believes coaching is the key to self-reflection and unlocking true potential. She has now set up Windmill Coaching and Consultancy, and mainly works with clients in the education sector.

Dominic Curran is head teacher of St Bede’s Catholic Primary School in Washington, Tyne and Wear in the UK. He is passionate about a balanced approach to education, believing that all children should develop mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.
To ensure teachers and school leaders are able to perform optimally for the benefit of our children, Dominic believes the best way to achieve is to enable them to access this is through the power of coaching.

Louise Gohr is a headteacher and CEO in a successful primary school and MAT in Cheshire East in the UK. Louise is passionate about learning and believes that regular and honest self-reflection is the key to this. She believes that coaching creates opportunities to develop leadership capabilities and enable individuals to achieve their full potential, whether through organisational or individual change.