27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021

27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021


Hilary McLellan & Ashleigh McLellan

Calm is capable: training the mind for compassionate focus when coaching for behavioural change with Hilary McLellan & Ashleigh McLellan

Theme: Case study without client

Area: Coaching

Style: Mainly Lecture

Type: Workshop

Session on 14 May 2021 07:00 UTC - View on timetable


This sessions brings together the worlds of Clinical Psychology and Organisational Behaviour.  Research shows we can ‘cognitively and intellectually’ understand the benefits of behavioural change goal and desire it but nevertheless struggle to make that change – a state entitled ‘reflexive hindering’ in a recent Phd thesis. Hilary describes how some of her clients experienced such ‘blockers’ when coaching for Emotional Intelligence and how Ashleigh brought her Clinical Psychology knowledge and experience to create a joint coaching offering. Compassion Focussed Coaching. Using Compassionate Mind Training models has enhanced the deconstruction of ‘blockers’ and assisted the re-balancing of self-beliefs and perceptions of others. Hilary and Ashleigh also designed an audio/video intervention that clients used between sessions. Their hypothesis being, such ‘Calm the Mind’ training will enhance performance and mood balance.

In this session, Hilary and Ashleigh will share:

  • The comparison of two coaching case studies
  • Interactive learning using compassionate mind training models
  • Experiential learning using an audio and video mind training intervention
  • Research findings from Aston University (UK) on the impact of the virtual mind training intervention in the workplace.


Hilary McLellan is the founder of Indigo Talent Development and a Cambridgeshire (UK) based Organisational Behaviourist, executive and team coach. She specialises in Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety, Resilience, and Compassionate Leadership, using the associated psychometrics, theories, and practice to shape her work with individuals and teams. Hilary also encourages clients to connect with the awe of nature and natural space when reflecting upon their perceptions and beliefs or looking for inspiration to solving problems. Hilary is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK) and worked as a Senior Leader in HR for 25 years before re-training and setting up Indigo in 2015.

Dr Ashleigh McLellan is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and founder of Ubuntu Psychology a York (UK) based Psychology Services. Ashleigh specialises in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) using this approach to facilitate individuals reaching their potential as well as to help those suffering with severe and enduring mental health problems.  She has been applying CFT at an organisational level within the National Health Service in the UK (NHS) to address team culture and the health and well-being of staff.  Ashleigh is one of the trainers for the Compassionate Mind Foundation and is involved in research with the University of Hull (UK) looking at the impact of applying CFT at an organisational level.