27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021

27th Global

Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference

12-14 May 2021


Jane Lewes & Annalisa Fabbri

A call to action! The role of workplace coach/mentoring in achieving the VET goals of the EU's Skills Agenda with Jane Lewes & Annalisa Fabbri

Theme: Case study with client

Area: Coaching & Mentoring

Style: Mainly Discussion

Type: Workshop

Session on 13 May 2021 13:00 UTC - View on timetable


A Call to Action! is aimed at highlighting the potential offered by practical workplace coaching and mentoring training programmes in supporting the EU’s objectives for Vocational Education and Training (VET). The workshop will focus on the employment needs of ‘low-qualified’ and unemployed adults between the ages of 25-64 (two of the target groups identified in the Skills Agenda). It will be based on case studies from programmes delivered in UK and Sweden, sharing the lessons learned to help practitioners identify opportunities to which they might be able to respond – perhaps under specific national/international initiatives.

The workshop will be extremely participative in style and format; it will encourage participants to work together in small groups to try out some of the exercises and activities that are the hallmark of The Learning Consultancy’s experiential approach to work based learning, based on Knowles’ principles that underpin learning for adults: practical, relevant, goal-oriented and inclusive. As well as including a Question & Answer session, participants will be encouraged to complete their own individual action plans in the expectation that there will be some concrete and practical responses to the Call to Action. The workshop will be of relevance to practitioners, organisations, and policy makers.


Jane Lewes is a powerful communicator and natural innovator as well as a dynamic development professional with a track record in motivating individuals and groups to identify and achieve their learning goals. An expert in supporting coach and mentoring programmes in work-based settings, Jane uses participative methods to engage, encourage, and motivate people from diverse backgrounds to identify opportunities, set goals, and work through barriers to achieve sustained results. Jane is an EMCC accredited coach (EIA) at Senior Practitioner level and an EMCC accredited supervisor (ESIA) who has a firm belief, confirmed by results, in the potential of coach and mentoring as one of the most efficient, economic, and effective means of developing people in the workplace, irrespective of their role and function.

In recent years, Jane has led programmes in Birmingham, UK, specifically aimed at supporting supervisors to use coaching and mentoring to develop and retain unemployed young adults in the workforce. The retention rate for each of these programmes significantly exceeded the national average. During 2016, Stockholm City Council (UK) adapted the same methodology to support refugees and asylum seekers into obtaining sustained employment. Originally a pilot programme, this model is now being rolled out on a continuing basis.

Annalisa Fabbri is a passionate business and team coach in the corporate world, in business incubators, and in the education sector. Annalisa uses experiential coaching activities to engage people and create awareness around their resources, their values, and their meaning. Annalisa is an EMCC accredited coach (EIA) at Senior Practitioner level and she shares the assumption from Positive Psychology that says ‘individuals contain in themselves the solution to their challenges’(MacKie, 2016). Her coaching approach introduces a paradigm shift from ‘what’s wrong with me and how can I fix it?’ to ‘what’s right with me and how can I use it more?’. This approach helps people connecting with their true self to optimise the use of their resources. Annalisa has experience as a mentor and she has led a women’s network belonging to a big multi-national company supporting young women in becoming future leaders and role models. She currently mentors start-ups supporting them in their challenging business journey. She does it with creativity and using a ‘learning by doing approach’ because she firmly believe that ‘if I listen to it I forget, if I see it I remember, if I do it, I understand’.